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I am an artist, born (15th November 1994) in Graz(Austria) and raised in Rome(Italy), living now in Calabria, Italy.  I Started collaborating with art galleries in 2021, currently I sell my works all over Europe.

My work incorporates elements of surrealism, high contrast, fog and melancholy reality. I started photographing around the age of 20 inspired by the shots of Ansel Adams, Henry Cartier-Bresson and 19th century Pictorialism. Mainly I like to photograph during "bad weather" using the soft light of the fog creating a mysterious world or with the charm of the rain trying to make the sceneries picturesque, wander in search of contrasts, poetic lights, mystery, silence and moments of reflection.


“Looking for eARTh”, Collective Exhibition (Valmontone, Rome), 2022-2023;

BAM Open Air Design – Looking for Art X Lualdi, in collaboration with Coima Image (Milan), 2022.


Finalist at "Art photography 2023" Agora Awards;

"Top 20 Milan Photographer 2022" in 7th International Photography Awards35;

"Top Black and white photographer 2022" in 7th International Photography Awards35.

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